Welcome to the Land of Libraria!

Information Literacy supported by technology and time tested print materials are available to all those who enter--in person or virtually. However, some of the visitors need assistance in acquiring the skills necessary to obtain and utilize the knowledge held within the books, periodicals, databases and other online sources--including the internet. Even though digital natives may be tech savvy, they need guidance in learning the research process and how to synthesize the information gained in order to produce meaningful "projects" that show true growth and application.
This wiki is intended to be a means to empower teachers as the initial learners so that they may empower students to be lifelong learners.
PVLibraria's pages are dedicated to
  • Furnishing materials which explain concepts associated with Information Literacy--Textual Literacy, Digital Literacy, Technological Literacy, Visual Literacy;
  • Providing background and information as to the rationale for 21st Century Learning;
  • Collaborating with educators to prepare interesting situations in which students can practice these skills;
  • Equip teachers with resources to improve their own knowledge and skills;
  • Supply materials that aid in conveying concepts and process to students.

Hopefully, as these pages grow, they will be referenced and used repeatedly!
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